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Single, GBM, living in beautiful SF, Ca. , 5'10, 220lbs. Muscular build (former competitive Body Builder.) Biceps:18.5" forearms:14' Chest: 48" thighs: 28" waist: 32"

Very thick cut cock, hung 8 1/2, BIG paws (L-XL) non colapsable and BIG forearms. these paws have been known to make even experienced pigs squeal. usually NOT for Beginners. HIV NEG. I DO NOT BB, or P-N-P. I do not mind if you do, as long as you don't get sketchy. I have been in FFing since age 19, and was hooked.

I enjoy long sessions, of Fucking (almost as much as FF), and slowly opening up a hole to a nice punch ffuckin. I can give it as hard and fast, as you can take it. I am not obsessed with depth, (prefer width) and very few can take these forearms. Really enjoy fucking, using toys, ass play, and can go (hard) for hours, even outlasting most party pigs. I also like kissing, oral, rimming, WS. I also enjoy leather, rubber gear, boots, etc. I own a lot of gear, and love it all.

I DO NOT consider my self a Master, or Sir. However, am a naturally aggressive, dominant personality, and make it known what i want.

Can be very gentle, and patient, or very verbal, and nasty (or some combination of both) depending on the chemistry with my playmate. In addition to all the kinky stuff, i really like a lot of body contact, touching, and holding. Nothing much better than having a boy fall asleep in my arms and holding him all night, after a long, hard session, of course.

While I am not searching for a relationship, i would not say no, if things naturally happened that way. I am totally open to meeting local playmates, and meeting hot guys when i travel. I consider my self a quality over quantity type guy.

Now about you:

  • Be young 21-45 with few exceptions
  • Be in-shape: i prefer a tight waist, a hard, round ass, and nice legs
  • I prefer smooth ass,and balls,but not required
  • Be eager,and capable
  • Be Bold, shyness is cute to certain degree, but be able to tell me what you want me to do to you. This goes for messages, and especially face to face.
  • Be clear, i don't like having to "read between the lines" i may be wrong

I prefer Submissive, or an aggressive bottom to a passive bottom

  • I like all races and nationalities, prefer cute, boyish, handsome
  • Hiv poz friendly, because i play safe.
  • 1-1 meetings preferred, mainly because i'm to greedy to share. Also i like the chemistry of 1-1 encounters.

I am always interested i chatting and meeting new friends, and always horny (really, cant get enough). I have a sling, and can host for play. I am not always able to connect "right now", due to work, gym, and just living life, but try me! Can plan a play date, and stick to my commitments, and expect the same. I travel quite a bit, for work and for fun. mostly travel up, and down the West coast, but occasionally to other parts of the US, and Canada. I also try to travel to Europe, and abroad at least twice a year.

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have about me. If not don't hesitate to ask. If you think we are a match, leave me a message. Please have pics available.

Thanks for reading


  • Videographer
  • Video Editing
  • Ass smashing



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