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Long time coming - Dyn0 and Cory Jay are finally on STUDFIST together. These two are good friends in real life and fisting is thier favorite team sport! Daytime play always happens with the video camera on & Cory looks sexy as fuck. Dyn0 is in TOP FORM here - double fists galore! More video from Cory's private collection - you can only imagine what's in his vast library.



Punched93 hates his stupid butt hole. The harder you punch, the more he loves it. The more he loves it the more he talks shit egging on Amerifist to work that hole HARDER. MUST SEE! There is simply no one else like this guy - so much fun to watch! Amerifist goes to town and really takes hole wrecking to a new level!


Cory Jay records his sexual conquests. If it doesnt appear in video it didnt happen right? RunnerX likes to spread his ass for Cory to punch into oblivion and delivers his meaty rosebud for sucking. This is a LONG session - 30minutes of continues play with minimal edits. Play it at your next fisting party!


Cory Jay records his sexual conquests. If it doesnt appear in video it didnt happen right? RunnerX likes to spread his ass for Cory to punch into oblivion and delivers his meaty rosebud for sucking. This is a LONG session - 30minutes of continues play with minimal edits. Play it at your next fisting party!


Handsome and ULTRA PIGGY James Oakleigh came into town for the UP YOUR ALLEY STREET FAIR. We were all there - showing off & getting it on! James loves it rough so Amerifist flips him on his back and punches that hole - over 60 times! That may not sound like a lot but XL fists in a little boy butt? You try it!


Gage Lennox is super Fistalicous in our latest. Kiss that beardy face and wreck that furry butt.
Get it Dolan Wolf ! That boy needs you deep and hard!


FistAddictedPup is geared up, on his back with his puppy legs in the air begging for a BIG TREAT! For being such a good boy, he gets his hole pounded into HAMBURGER! Good pup.


Gage and Nate have been talking about being on Studfist together for a long time. They knew we would let them really do it the way they want too. Gage tops our boy Nate slow and DEEP to get the most he can out of that SWEET ASS


When you're in town, you better stop into the Cake Shop. Matt Wylde always does & this time he asked for a double!


This little pup likes is HARD! James Oakliegh's little puppy butt has a big gaping hole that has an appetite for destruction! ARF ARF!


The best sex is connected sex! Dolan & Gage team up for a furry fist fuck fest! Gage is all smiles and goes after sexy Dolan for he can get -


From the private video collection of Cory Jay comes Runner X!
Every morning while Cory was on his balcony this guy would run by in the shortest of shorts.. with his big round runners ass.
It was only a matter of time before he would end up in Cory's sling!


Ken Adams knows it. Amerifist knows it. We all know: once you take a fist you know what you need for the rest of your life. BIG DEEP HARD PENETRATION!


Gage Lennox is one nice guy. Sexy as fuck and hungry for fisting - like all the time. He gets his hole all stretched out in all directions and pisses himself in the process!. WE SMELL PIG - this fucker will be back for MORE!


Someone asked Amerifist recently if he was one of those "fisting freaks" to which he replied "IM A FISTING SUPER FREAK". Yah he is!
CrazyDreams is the latest boy in this fisting freak show! We love his hungry boy butt.


This cute guy has a taste for man sex at its very hardest. That smiling boy face is the lure. His punch hole is the main attraction!


Joey Jordan loves everything BIG so he is always trying to see how far he can push Dyn0. So they made a bet to see if Joey could punch him 100 times without stopping... UH-OH!


Cryxus gets pumped! On his back legs in the air, hard and deep. Spread your legs for Amerifist boy, he's gonna give it to you!


Teddy Grimes flips it, sticks it out and takes it hard. Look at that ass? Who wouldnt want to fuck it up good? Thanks Amerifist for living out what should all be our number one fantasy.. Hard to say who loves it more!


More of Dyn0 & Dolan's FFUCK in a cheap & dirty hotel. Dyn0, Dolan & Amerifist went out for some drinks and next thing you know the 3 pigs are checking into the shittiest hotel in the district. Clothes off , cameras rolling and Dyn0's big hole is sucking up everything in sight!


Gage Lennox told us he has been a fan since we first started. Now he is a grown ass man with a big man hole!
He grinds & grunts around on Amerifist's big paws.
He swallows full force punches. Here in his debut apperance - Gage spreads his gape and begs for more!


STUDFIST discovery Nate Grimes is back with our other rough rider favorite - TEX DAVIDSON! Nate is the perfect receptical for cocks & punches which he takes hard, fast & deep. As a good service boy should, Nate works Tex into a frenzy until he is gobbling down Tex's big load!


Resident pocket pig Dyn0 sets up a little party for a few friends in a cheap hotel in a crappy part of town. Dolan Wolf brought some fun toys to see how much Dyn0 could take. Dildos, Rubber Gloves and Double fists disapear into our cavernous little slut!


A boy in a sling with a boner with a hungry hole. Amerifist feeds its, fills it, stretches it, punches it unil NJItitalian shoots! 


"Here piggy piggy! Come get your fist!" Some boys just cant get enough - including Cryxus!
He just rides and rides and rides. With his grimmaces of pleasure and his cute piggy groans!


Joey Jordan likes everything BIG. His big muscle body, his big siliconed cock & balls, and his bottoms HOLE.  Dyn0 on tap to catch what that big boy is throwing!


Sexy Tattooed, pierced, bearded pig boy Teddy Grimes is making waves in San Francisco! Climb into the sling boy and spread those big legs - here come a big ol' punch fist to fill you up!


Matt Wylde hit us up on twitter to talk about hole pix and fisting. "When are you in town again" we asked. "I am now" he said. Guess who came over and got his hole dragged out all over the room...


Dyn0 lives for the big hole stretch. Its like that guy is hollow... Amerifist made that hole and knows how to fill it!


After a long night at a circuit party. Dylan and Ashley saw that we were in Vegas and showed up at our hotel wanting to play. Dylan gave it all to Ashley - A dick down the throat and then up his cute ass. Dylan fucked, piston fucked him and arm fucked him to the elbow in his cum filled pig hole! What did Ashley want next? MORE!


After a long night at a circuit party. Dylan and Ashley saw that we were in Vegas and showed up at our hotel wanting to play. Dylan gave it all to Ashley - A dick down the throat and then up his cute ass. Dylan fucked, piston fucked him and arm fucked him to the elbow in his cum filled pig hole! What did Ashley want next? MORE!


Sex in Los Angeles is like currency and Amerifist is in town to make deposits! Dyn0 climbs into his bed to get those big fists and big cock



Matt Wylde get Cryxus into sling for some poppered up greasy and sloppy hole work.
Cryxus moans and groans his way as he gets closer to the edge.
Move aside Matt Wylde, Amerifst wants some of that jock hole and goes in HARD



Cory Jay spends a second afternoon in the pool with Nate and this time Nate takes good care of his top. Kissin & Fuckin, Fistin & Sucking! Put Nate on his back and he spreads his ass like butter. Flip him over and put a bottle of poppers under his nose and Nate has the gape that keeps on giving! He works Cory up hard and fast until he's slurping down a hot load of cum!


If you pay attention to the fisting world you may have noticed the Ashley Ryder has resurfaced in a BIG WAY. He is hungrier than ever! Nothing is quite is mind blowing as watching a small thin guy get an arm stuffed up his ass and wathcing him grind around on it is a state of PURE LUST. WHERE DOES ASHLEY PUT IT ALL!


We love Axel Abysse.
Axel loves getting fisted.
Amerifist loves to destroy holes!

Its the bruises that really show how much this boy loves it HARD. He gets punched until his hole hangs out sloppy and loose but that still isnt enough. He rides Amerifist until his pathetic cock spills cum all over. DESTROYED!


Matt Wylde hit the fisting scene running hard! Not only can he take a fist - he likes to throw one too.
Enter Cryxus - our anonymous boy from earlier this year - now fully visible and hungry for fists.
But wait - the camera man gets his cock and fisting into the action too!


Dreams are a strange thing - are they you telling you what you want? Are they there to keep you from being bored while you sleep? This boy wants to find out and is on a slutty persuit to make his dreams come true. Amerifist is a true gentleman and gets this boy to spread his legs and get the ASS PUNCHING OF HIS LIFE! Huge fists pummle the boy until he is loose and sloppy and Amerifist jams 9 fingers in makeing Crazy Dream moan!


Meet Nate Grimes with his clean-cut-boy-next-door looks.
Looks deceive and this is ONE HUNGRY PIG!. His open hole and deep throat are world class slut material.
Cory Jay came over to join us and took his turn fucking both ends and fisting Nate's hole sloppy!


Master class fisting with the Studfist founders - it never gets old!
The hole that Amerifist made opens big and swallows fists and arms. Amerifist knows how to get them in, Dyn0's big dick drips with gratitude!


This shit is over the top! Cory & Dyn0 went to a party. After 4 or 5 drinks we were suprised to see Ashley Ryder right in front of us with a big smile on his face. It took all of 90 seconds before plans to spreads Ashley's hole were under way and exit strategies devised. Back at the room it was game on as soon as the door closed. Camera on, clothes off! Tongues, cocks, dicks, toys and fists went into Ashley who asked for more and more!


Anyone who has crossed paths with this one knows... He's hungry for men, for dick, for fists, for whatever you want to put in his holes. Matt Wylde come back to Studfist with his ass ready for punches and loads! We love sluts


Axel knows a good thing and gets all he can. Amerifist loves to destroy a boy's hole. His slopped out ,bruised asshole takes a beating that must have taken weeks to recover from. Wincing and groaning Axel spreads his ass for relentless punches until couldnt take it anymore


Drew Sebastian is a great fuck and fist top and an even hotter fist bottom. Dolan Wolf is back to work this big stud's hole open and play with Drew's huge dick. Dolan fists his ass and sucks on that big meat until he pushes Drew over the edge!


Dyn0 said he had so much fun the first day with Cutler - he goes back the next day for more! All that BBC and great fisting - and both at the same time OINK. Cutler really wants that double - he works Dyn0's stretched out hole to its limits.


Fresh meat on deck! Its bound tied and gagged and ready for destruction. Amerifist takes this Boy Hole and punches its until its a hanging out sloppy and only good for one thing - FISTING! Shut up boy and take what you've got coming!


Tex Davidson showed up at a pool party in Palm Springs. Dyn0 was naked in the pool but made sure he got a chance to show Tex his big white bubble butt. A few drinks later there is a big dick, big fist and big arm assraping in the bedroom! It took Tex a hot second to figure out what this hole was capable of - good thing Dyn0 always takes lube, poppers and camera where ever he goes.

Watch Tex's tattoo'd arm disapear deep inside Dyn0 before he punches his hole into a sloppy mess and then seals the deal with rectum destroying double fist.


Welcome to the Rosebud!

Axel is back for one last session before he heads home. He's pretty beat up but Amerifist really wants the load! Legs spread and hips grind as the big fist works its magic - BOOM!


Dolan Wolf at his best! What a hungry hole. He gets poppered up and grins and bears through an enslaught ot dildos, dick, punches, arm fucks, two hand stretches.
And in the end - these two hot men shower each other in CUM!


Matt Wylde wants his hole to be as big as it can be, He demands that it be punched into a sloppy gape, stretched into a double-fist cunt and split open until arms disapear,In the sling a man is at Amerifist's, there is only a hole hanging open for destruction & his pleasure!


Its Axel again! This guy just cant get enough and he is just not happy until his hole is hanging out loose and sloppy! Amerifist punches relentlessly until Axel's ass is a puddle oif pig slop!


Joey Jordan is HUGE - XL fists and arms devour poor Dyn0's ass. Joey stuffs Dyn0 with his giant forearms so deep you think Dyn0 might split in 2. Dyn0 loves every minute of the destruction & pushes back on the brutal punches until his hole is black and blue! Deeper, harder & wider is what these two are all about. Special cameo by Cory Jay OINK!


Dolan is a pig.
Dolan and Amerifist have some real chemistry. He pushes Dolan to take more and take more he does, turns around and smiles and askes for MORE.
Heavy-duty punching is on the menu today and when Dolan cant take any more, Amerifist shoves in his arm or both hands.
Happy. Shiny. Pig.


Fresh meat Matt Wylde has been after Amerifist to give him a ride. A good pig hole is never turned away! Enter One fist then the big fist & Matt's hole is gaping. Punch that shit hard and its turning out sloppy and hungry for more! Feed the hole what it needs - a hot load and shove it in deep!


Dyn0 is on a quest for as big of a hole as possible. Amerifist knows just how to get him there. A horny stuggle for deep arm fucking, reletless punching and a double fist that nearly splits Dyn0 in two!


Cryxus. What a little stud. He's back for more fist riding and hole punching. Amerifist does the boy right with a fist in his ass, tounge in his mouth, and dick down his throat.


Los Angeles is a big city with a huge amount of sexy men. We ran into CutlerX in one of the bars on a Sunday afternoon - sucked down a few beers, and next thing you know is that FISTING IS HAPPENING! CutlerX stuffs his big dick and meaty paws into Dyn0's big hole - hard, deep, fast, wide - until be colapases from exhaustion!


We saw Axel Abysse online early this year and got in contact with him immediatly. What a slut! He takes fists with a smile and moans like was born to get plowed. Closed fist punches in the sling and this boy is shooting all over the place!


Sexy Cryxus is a little stud who can take a fist. He wasnt ready for what Amerifist had for him!
Groaning and wiggling his litte booty around while stuffed with a big dick and bigger fist. He just couldnt keep his hole in one place!
Keep that ass up boy! Amerifist is gonna fuck and fist that butt HARD.


More good times with fist studs Dolan and Brian. Sometimes things are so hot they break rules and when that happens you get a RED CARD. We will just keep that on hand and present it if you get to that level OINK!


ELY-X is fun to watch. He loves to get his limits pushed to go deep, hard an wide - an shows his approval with his constant squirm around the bed. Let's get to the fistin'!


Who has a hungry hole? DYN0! Who knows how to fill it up good? AMERIFIST! All the good fisting from the 2 men that started Studfist - Arm Fucking, Double fists and Awesome punching!


Dolan Wolf as a big hole that needs to be filled. Dolan Wolf has a big hole that needs to be punched. Dolan Wolf gets what he wants- merciless punches, arm fucking and mind blowing double fist! There are only a few like him...


Chuck Deep is all about pushing limits - theres nothing he isnt up for! In to San Francisco for a quick visit and he hops on to Amerifist for some probing, punching and even a little sword swallowing...



The second part of our epic and random shoot in Palm Springs. Little did we know that packing the camera was going to bring us such a nugget.
Dolan flips fisting legend Cory Jay and gives him what he was begging for: a good double fisting until he couldnt take it anymore...and maybe some punches he didnt!


A fisting top with greedy hands loves nothing more than a Chariot ride - 2 bottoms - one on each arm. GermanFistRider and Dyn0 are sharing Amerifist who feeds these two asses to capacity!


Ely-X came to us online and told us he wanted to do his first fisting scene. He has done vanilla porn before but he wanted to do what we do and do it HARD.
He is a cute skinny boy with a big hole who squirms around and spreds his ass for some deep arm fucking and BIG PUNCHES! Another satisfied ass courtesy of Studfist!


HollowFF makes another pass at the sling to explore his new taste for Man on Man sex. Amerifst's dick is rock hard and dripping has he contiues his non stop assault widening this straight boys hole! Heavy punching, double fisting and even a mind bending piston fuck. This guys life is now changed for good.


Cory Jay - You havnt seen this man fist like this in a long time. We dont just perform - WE PLAY. Dolan Wolf and Cory met us in Palm Springs for day at the pool We just all got naked, jumped in the pool and started at it... and the camera just happened to be right there ... Cory works Dolan over HARD and FAST - punching out Dolan's hole until hes got a fist in his belly, a gaping hole and TWO hands in his ass!

Big Boy Drew Sebastian is 6'3", has a 9.5inch cock and likes to FIST.
He is back on Ben Houston, one of our smallest players who likes it hard and deep!
Punching, arm fucking and a dildo ride with a double cum shot to seal the deal!

Gotta feed the pigs. Feed them Often, feed them well. Chuck Deep cant get enough - as soon as he's done he's asking when he can have some more. Amerifist gets him the gas mask, straps him into the sling and stretches this boy out! Real Good.


Something special for you this time. Amerifist loves to fist but sometimes a guy wants a little more right? Dolan is they kind of guy you just wanna feed. Tongue, Cock, Dick..
How about a BIG DILDO too?


Our token straight guy returns for the forbidden fruit of Man on Man fisting. He told us his girlfriend fucks him with a strapon and fists him but you know its nothing like this! Amerifist stuffs this guy GOOD with some full fist punching and some dick and fist at the same time. Excellent jerk off material here!


Ben Houston is back! He is the tiniest little guy with a BIG appetite. He asked us if he could do a scene with Drew Sebastian - who are we to decline such a thing...
BIG top on a LITTLE bottom? YES PLEASE!


Dolan Wolf gets around..which is fine by us as it makes for some prime fisting hole.
He is a slim guy so when Amerifist gets his giant fist deep in Dolan's ass he lets out a deep groan... which bones Amerifst up on the spot! Punches, deep arm fuck, and heavy stretching!


Dyn0 likes it BIG. And there are few fist tops bigger than Joey Jordan. Dyn0's hungry ass works hard to gobble up those big furry fists as they slam into his big gape!


Amerifist has that chain tattoo on his upper forearm above his legendary BIG FIST. It takes a lot of hole to get to it.
VersFFLA comes to the Porn Shack to get a taste. What a hungry hole!


Brian Bonds came to us from our friend at Mr S Leather. He's a sexy guy who's into getting his butt STRETCHED. Dolan Wolf happened to be in town for a few days - so we put him to work! He fists & punches Brians hole out until his big dick flops out of his jock looking for attention. Then with a fist in his ass, Brian gives one back to Dolan!


When Amerifist is in town there is always a party in the back! Tamor gets on his back, throws his legs in the air, hits the poppers HARD and gets his back door DESTROYED. When Amerifist is through with Tamor he feeds the pig his LOAD - fuck yah.


FistPeter has an ass that is as open as they get. Whatever Amerfist shoves in FistPerter can take. He gets fisted, punched arm fucked double fisted and thats just the start.. Then they move to the sit-sling! With the popper filled gas-mask near by, the pig is always ready.


The Red Room exists for only one reason - ass destruction! Once you go in you will never be the same man again!
Dolan Wolff is back (he's becoming a regular Studfist player) and this time get goes a little wider and a little harder! This is a man with a hunger for BIG THICK AMERIFISTS.


FFistTwink returns and is as hungry as ever. He wiggles around and moans and smiles - and asks for more. A TRUE PIG.
Amerifist works they young guys huge hole like know one else can and just blows the boys ass out! Deep arm fucking and Double fist stretching. When you think he might be worn out he gets a HARD PUNCHING finale that will make any one blow thier load all over the screen!


He is STRAIGHT. Only his GIRLFRIEND has been in his ass before. He sent us an email asking for us to fist him on camera. He has always wanted a man to use his ass. He comes to us smooth, toned and masked - a true pig cant be contained by a little shyness... HollowFF is takes what Amerifist throws at him - deep arm fucks, hard punches and some wide stretching hole destruction! As if that wasnt enough - Amerifist slips in his fat dick right next to his huge fist before letting up on the boy ...and then throws him a hard big cock fuck anyway!


GermanFistRider is fist pig like no other. He loves it in any position and he always takes it with great entusiasm! He's Loud! He's Hungry! He's SO GERMAN!
Punches, sloppy hole, and lots of laughs!


Fistpuppunk was hungry for a fist feeding. We thought we were done with him and then he spotted the Fist/Spank bench in the corner...
He hopped on , stuck his ass up and started snorting poppers. Amerifist smirked and grabbed the lube!


We love California & we love reaming out butt hole! Dyn0 is back with his big fister ffriend Joey Jordan!
Its been a while since these two hit it and Dyn0 seemed to forget about his Joey's big hands... you can just hear Dyn0's hips cracking when ever a fist makes it all the way in. Deep arm stuffing and ass punching makes this duo SIZZLE!


This is a boy who knows what he wants. He wants his hole stretched and stretched huge. Amerifist is always up for a eager young one - if you cant fist em - fuck em
And fist and fuck this cute boy he does!


Whats the first rule of Fist Club? There is no Fist Club. What there is is a dark room with a sling, a gas mask, some inspirational porn and a big fisted top - GRRRRR!
And then it happened.. a fist goes in, gas mask goes on, and the brutal double punching begins!


The fresh faced bad boy is back and barking for some big fists.. Amerifist takes his hole and makes it his playground.
FistPunkPup returns to Studfist and we take him to the photo studios at Mr S. Leather in San Francisco to destroy his hole - just like he wanted!


STUDFIST has had a long and piggy relationship with FisthunterDK... He topped Dyn0, He was one of the first guys to take both Amerifists giant double fist
NOW he takes on his biggest challenge yet! TWO DOUBLE FISTING TOPS! Grrrrrrrr


STUDFIST is known for REAL fisting with the hottest guys. We are the place were regular guys & porn stars come to play! Enter Trent Bloom... He appeared with us before the other big porn companies came sniffin around. We get Trent like no one else - HE GETS ARM FUCKED! HE GETS DOUBLE FISTED! ... and we let him smile and laugh and wag his tounge like a REAL PIG!


The native pigs
Drew Sebastian is a good friend of ours. We have shot him in several videos for Mr. S Leather in San Francisco - He is always ready to swing his big dick around for the camera. Of course it was only a matter of time before he showed up at the Porn Shack hungry for Amerifist. The sexual chemistry was instant and Drew was bent over getting his big ass fisted and dildoed HARD! It didn't take long before he was grabbing for his fat cock and shooting his load!


Wanna see Amerifist in all his glory? Check this video out!He is tight, muscled and swinging around a big fat hard cock that bobs and weaves while he works away on his latest pig hole! Tamor gets down on all fours, snarfs up a few big hits of poppers and gets his hole completely and totally punched into a big gaping mess!

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