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Fistpuppunk was hungry for a fist feeding. We thought we were done with him and then he spotted the Fist/Spank bench in the corner...
He hopped on , stuck his ass up and started snorting poppers. Amerifist smirked and grabbed the lube!


We love California & we love reaming out butt hole! Dyn0 is back with his big fister ffriend Joey Jordan!
Its been a while since these two hit it and Dyn0 seemed to forget about his Joey's big hands... you can just hear Dyn0's hips cracking when ever a fist makes it all the way in. Deep arm stuffing and ass punching makes this duo SIZZLE!


This is a boy who knows what he wants. He wants his hole stretched and stretched huge. Amerifist is always up for a eager young one - if you cant fist em - fuck em
And fist and fuck this cute boy he does!


Whats the first rule of Fist Club? There is no Fist Club. What there is is a dark room with a sling, a gas mask, some inspirational porn and a big fisted top - GRRRRR!
And then it happened.. a fist goes in, gas mask goes on, and the brutal double punching begins!


The fresh faced bad boy is back and barking for some big fists.. Amerifist takes his hole and makes it his playground.
FistPunkPup returns to Studfist and we take him to the photo studios at Mr S. Leather in San Francisco to destroy his hole - just like he wanted!


STUDFIST has had a long and piggy relationship with FisthunterDK... He topped Dyn0, He was one of the first guys to take both Amerifists giant double fist
NOW he takes on his biggest challenge yet! TWO DOUBLE FISTING TOPS! Grrrrrrrr


STUDFIST is known for REAL fisting with the hottest guys. We are the place were regular guys & porn stars come to play! Enter Trent Bloom... He appeared with us before the other big porn companies came sniffin around. We get Trent like no one else - HE GETS ARM FUCKED! HE GETS DOUBLE FISTED! ... and we let him smile and laugh and wag his tounge like a REAL PIG!


The native pigs
Drew Sebastian is a good friend of ours. We have shot him in several videos for Mr. S Leather in San Francisco - He is always ready to swing his big dick around for the camera. Of course it was only a matter of time before he showed up at the Porn Shack hungry for Amerifist. The sexual chemistry was instant and Drew was bent over getting his big ass fisted and dildoed HARD! It didn't take long before he was grabbing for his fat cock and shooting his load!

Wanna see Amerifist in all his glory? Check this video out!He is tight, muscled and swinging around a big fat hard cock that bobs and weaves while he works away on his latest pig hole! Tamor gets down on all fours, snarfs up a few big hits of poppers and gets his hole completely and totally punched into a big gaping mess!


FistPeter gives good ass! He wants it hard, he wants it deep, and he wants both hands! You cant help want to watch his super talented fist hole swallow up Amerifist, but you just cant keep your eyes off his face! He is cute and sexy and full of wild facial expressions - this one is a MUST SEE - so much fun and so fuckin' HOT!


FFisttWink - WHAT a hole.. we havnt seen anyone this small, young & hungry since Ashley Ryder and LatinoXXX! He is thin, blond and has a HUGE HOLE that cant get enough of Amerifist's bigness. He moans and whines but pushes back on Amerifist's big punches, both hands and gobbles up thick muscular arms. Watch this one, he will be sluping elbow soon!


CHUCK DEEP hits town and drops in for a deep digging! The sling is always up and the cameras are always ready at Amerifist's place. He fucks Chuck's ass open then slides in the big fist until Chuck is ready a for some heavy punching.. Amerifist even goes for a big stretch of our boy's sweaty and hungry hole!



Dolan Wolf is truly a man of the times. Handome, super nice, considerate of others, like to get his ass fisted on camera... and sexier that FUCK! Amerifist is home at the Porn Shack working his magic on Dolan, stretching hole, making him groan and smile, passionate kissing and a BIG HOT LOAD at the end.. you know as a sign of gratiude. GRRRRRR!


He is one of our most voracious bottoms.... and young and cute always helps too!
SchaFF is back on Amerifist's fists, arms and cock like a good Nasty boy does!
He goes for elbow, gets his hole punched sloppy and even takes a fist and dick in his hole at the same time.
Nothin' better thatn a Studfist power bottom!


Ever been in a sit sling? They are amazing! A boys ass is just hanging down there waiting to be stuffed deep and wide - fuck ya!

Rotkopf makes his first appearance on Studfist & does he make an impression - grinding around on Amerifist's thick muscular forearm, tounge hanging out.. Amerifist gives it to him good too, pushes more into Rotkopf until he he cant take it any more!


He has a boy in his playroom...
on all 4s on a fist bench. His ass is sticking upu in the air ready for what Amerifist brings to the party..Big fist in, twist it around, yank it out. Want more bitch? POW!Pink Chaps takes it, smiles, and asks for more. Amerifist give it to him and give it to him good, deep, hard, and BIG


Super PIG - Nils Jacobson is big & meaty with a BIG ROUND BUTT that likes to be filled. Assplay is the order of the day in this bubble butt with deep fisting and hard dildo work.. ..and in the end Amerfist keeps working on THAT ASS until cum starts to fly all over the place!


FisthunterDK has a hole so big that once you get him going you better be ready to fill him to capacity!
Wantbottom is an amazing top, he fills his boy with both fists, past the wrists to a tantric double fist punch!


Mega Hole FIST---- is back in the Chrome Apartment getting STUFFED! Amerfist pushes in hard and deep with his BIG hands and ARMS - up to his chain tattoo!


Timml is a regular dude whole likes to get his ass fisted. You know he spends the whole day thinking about it.. Big man hands... Working his hole open big...
Filled up wall to wall with hot sexy Amerifist...


On a Sunday afternoon we commandeer a hot warehouse for some butt punching on the forklift and boxes. Poor Chuck gets fisted hard, grunting and groaning as Amerfist wails on his ass. Eventually he gives into the pure lust and lets his tounge hang out while his smiling top is happy at work destroying his hole!


The infamous and anonymous GermanFistRider cant get enough fist!
Amerifist hits this hole HARD with lots of sloppy punches and rapid hammer fucks. GermanFistRider makes a lot of noise, which only makes Amerifist want to fist him harder!


Tounge waggin' FistPeter returns to take more hole violations! He hangs from the side of the bunk bed and slides down Amerifist's thick musucar arm - you know it feels good. Peter's hole gapes WIDE in awe.. Lots of stretching and depth - what a big pig he makes of himself - YAH!


In Berlin at the Apollo Spa, we squeeze three horny men into a tiny little room (someone has to hold the camera!) for some for some quick sling play.
We made a scene as usual with our lights and carrying on - Amerfist stretches Dyn0 hard as a prelude to some BIG PUNCHES!

When left the room there was a crowd outside our door..


Double stuff'd
Felix Barca & Schaaff! We put Felix against the talented prodigal pig Schaaff, sexy bod, cute face, big hole... Felix really hits his porno stride and works Schaff over hard.

Schaaff takes Felix's cock in both ends before getting serious - he swallows punches, double fistings, and finally reaches deep and sucks in Felix to the elbow! Felix is so turned on he shoots all over Schaaf's gaping hole!


BEATDOWN: (verb) The act of receiving a serious butt whoopin
FFVersaut is a hardcore looking fucker - tall, mohawked, leathered-up man that turns heads.
Amerifist will show this guy who is boss and gets him face down, ass up and and his ass stretched wide open!


Super piggy Nils Jacobson knows how to give good ass. Amerifist has all the right stuff to pump his big butt hard and deep... ...And in the end Nils gets to swallow a hot cummy takeaway gift. Ride that arm and swallow that load!


Joey Jordan is back to take on Dyn0. We think nothing is hotter than big men going into little guys.. and as usual Dyn0 takes it to the limit,
In the sling Joey feeds knuckles, punches and both hands, working ass hard and fast!


Rex Roddick has a had a long and piggy porn career. He started off early going big but he finally goes EXTRA LARGE. We worked with him on EDGER9 and when he got a glimpse of Amerifist and learned of STUDFIST he was all over the idea of finally getting fisted. Amerifist pops his fisting cherry - its an awesome display of want and need VS a virgin fist hole!


Baby faced boy SCHAAFF is back for more stretching on Amerifists arm.
Young pig + Big Hole + Huge arms = Happy Men.


Jorge, one of Studfist's regular players, comes for a visit and brings his new red toy for Amerifist to try out
Hop into the sling and spread those drumsticks boy - you're about to get AMERIFISTED


Whats the best gift you can give your friend on the Anniversary of the first time you had sex? A DOUBLE FIST OF COURSE.
Hip crackin, man gruntin, hole stretchin, double fistin is what you give each other. This powerful exchange results in too tired happy smiling guys and one big stretched out butt hole!


Chuck Deep hails from Southern California... we try to find a reason to meet up when ever we are in the area...
He invited us to his roof top so we could have a beer and watch the sunset .. & his hole! The boy needs a fist?? The boy gets a fist!!

XXX PIX. 123 4 5 6 7 8 910

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